Annuity Specialist Acquires Educational Resource Company

January 4, 2012 ( - Annuity Think Tank, a website dedicated to annuities, has acquired Private Pension Plan, an educational resource company specializing in private pension plans.

Also known as (P3) Retirement Planning, the purchase of Private Pension Plan will give Annuity Think Tank exclusive ownership to P3 consumer videos, the P3 website, and educational retirement calculators.   

Annuity Think Tank calculates that many of the 10,000 Baby Boomers hitting 65 each day for the next decade will realize that their retirement savings will not last as long as they need it to. To overcome this problem, the company says more than $32 billion in assets were placed in private pension plans last year alone.   

Annuity Think Tank will offer advisers and consumers annuity solutions, education and research. Consumers interested in learning more about annuities, basic to advanced annuity concepts, and annuity calculators, can visit the consumer site,, for more information.