Aon Finds High Use of Different Web Applications for Work

March 30, 2009 ( - According to a recent study by Aon Consulting, almost two-thirds of non-millennials (workers over age 25) are relying on Web 2.0 to do their jobs - using it more at work than at home.

The types of media increasingly being used, according to Aon, include:

  • Blogs – for leadership to connect directly with employees and to collect employee feedback;
  • Gaming technology and podcasts – for employee orientation, education and training. The investment in gaming technology for employee recruitment and orientation can have a significant return on investment, Aon said;
  • Internal social networks – for employee interaction and leveraging of employee skills for internal projects. An estimated 85% of employees work on projects with colleagues from other offices, making social networks a source for productivity; and
  • Wikis – to help work teams manage projects remotely and to support global staffing and remote workers.