Aon Launches HRO Informational Web Site

November 4, 2004 ( - Aon Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) has announced the launch of a Web site designed to help corporate and HR executives make strategic decisions regarding approaches and management to HR outsourcing.

The Web site, , offers information and discusses optimal steps to take when looking at what Aon considers the four phases of outsourcing: assessment, request for proposal, vendor selection, and governance. Aon hopes that companies and executives looking to outsource will use the site to access case analyses, the company said in a press release.

The Web site will also offer articles, studies, FAQs, and access to experts, tools, tips and trends. It focuses on education and information for those exploring the possibilities of HR outsourcing, according to the company.

Aon estimates that HR outsourcing is already a $25.5 billion industry, and that by 2005, 85% of US enterprises will outsource at least one component of human resource functions.