Apple Slapped with Discrimination Suit

November 7, 2001( - Apple Computers has found itself at the core of a $40 million suit, which claims that an African American former employee was denied promotions and stock options, isolated from co-workers and wrongfully terminated.

The unidentified plaintiff reportedly began working for Apple in November 1998 as a product design engineer. He was fired in July 2001 after he brought a friend to work to motivate him to pursue a college education. The employee was suspended following an investigation into the incident.

His lawyers note that his white counterparts have not been disciplined or terminated for bringing friends or family members to the office and were paid more than the plaintiff.

One Bad Apple?

According to the suit, when the plaintiff’s immediate supervisor, Dan Riccio took control of the plaintiff’s department, he immediately moved the plaintiff to a cubicle away from his work group. According to his lawyer,  the employee was the only person of color in the department.

The employee, who had been sent on international assignments, was rated “above average” at his last performance review, and has no disciplinary problems on his record, is currently looking for work in Silicon Valley.

– Camilla Klein