Are Execs Mostly Dog People?

November 18, 2010 ( – Some might argue that you can tell a lot about a person by the type of car they drive, but a new CareerBuilder survey suggests also looking at their pet for clues about their job choice and salary level. 

Senior executives such as CEOs and CFOs are more likely to have a dog at home, the poll found. 

CareerBuilder said snake and reptile lovers are the most likely to have salaries reaching into the six figures, while those keeping birds at home are most likely to be satisfied with their work situations. 

According to a CareerBuilder workplace blog, other poll findings included:  

  • Bird owners were most likely to be in advertising, sales, construction, or administrative positions. 
  • How about doctors, real estate agents, lab technicians, machine operators, and personal caretakers? Apparently cat lovers all.  
  • Meanwhile, professors, nurses, IT professionals, military professionals, and entertainers go mostly for dogs.  
  • Fish tanks were most common among those in HR, finance professionals, hotel and leisure workers, farming, fishing and forestry officials, and transportation workers. 

Finally, what of engineers, social workers, marketing and PR professionals, editors and writers, and police officers?  Their tastes apparently run to snakes and reptiles.