Ascentis Tool Shows Cost Savings of Automating HR Processes

April 21, 2009 ( - Ascentis


Corporation, provider of HR software and online payroll


services, has launched a Cost Savings Calculator available


without registration on the corporate Web site.

The calculator displays, using standard industry metrics, the savings a company could realize over the course of one year from automating human resources and payroll processes with Ascentis HRIS, and online payroll services, according to an Ascentis announcemnt. The application takes less than five minutes to complete, and returns savings data that the firm says can be used in justifying an HRIS and/or online payroll investment.

The Ascentis Cost Savings Calculator allows a user to provide specific information that factors manual procedures used in the human resources and payroll functions of their company. Data is collected about HR processes such as reporting, paper-based filing, benefit-plan enrollment, carrier bill reconciliation, time-off approvals, and answering employee benefit questions, the announcement said. Payroll process considerations include payroll processing frequency, reporting, management of payroll taxes, multiple identical data entry tasks, and delays created by payroll processing.

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