ASPPA Launches “Save My 401(k)” Campaign

November 26, 2012 ( - The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) launched a grassroots campaign aimed at protecting retirement plan tax incentives.

The campaign, which revolves around the microsite, asks financial advisers and other retirement plan professionals, investors, plan sponsors and ASPPA members to contact their congressional representatives to ask them to protect the tax incentives that encourage employers and employees to participate in 401(k) plans. The website lets visitors send a pre-written e-mail, which they can edit, to their representative with just a click of a mouse.   

ASPPA is also partnering with other industry groups on the campaign, including the National Association of Plan Advisers (NAPA), the National Tax Sheltered Accounts Association (NTSAA) and the Council of Independent 401(k) Recordkeepers (ClkR).

“We understand Congress needs to reduce the debt and raise revenue, but raiding the tax incentives for 401(k) plans will put American workers’ retirement security at risk,” said Brian Graff, ASPPA executive director and chief executive officer. “The single most important factor in determining if a worker is saving for retirement is whether or not there is a plan at work. Last time Congress took up tax reform in 1986, employees’ 401(k) plans were cut by 70%—resulting in a mass termination of plans.”

More information about the campaign is available at  


Lee Barney