Asset Oversight Services Launches Portfolio Transparency Platform

January 29, 2010 ( - Asset Oversight Services (AOS), a financial advisory firm, announced the launch of a secure, Web-based portfolio transparency platform.

According to a press release, the platform accommodates virtually all investments, including the most complex and illiquid credits. AOS president Brian Broesder said that it is the only commercially available transparency solution that enables investors to aggregate and integrate complex information within a uniform format across equities, corporate debt, real estate, private equity, asset backed securities and exotics.

The solution enables investors to:

  • Translate crucial information into intelligent analysis for any number of investments and multiple investment programs including separately managed accounts (SMAs), via self-directed software tools;
  • Dynamically mine a limitless number of positions across disparate asset classes to determine a portfolio’s expected liquidity, concentrations and exposures; and
  • Combine all investment types, including Level 3 and specialty assets, within a single transparency, analytics, and reporting format.


“A key advantage of AOS is our ability to aggregate both liquid and illiquid investments,” said Broesder, in the announcement. “Other transparency platforms collect only liquid assets’ information via readily available public sources, but that is insufficient for many of today’s hedge fund managers and institutional investors.”

More about the company is at