Astor Long/Short ETF Fund Added to Paychex Platform

January 30, 2012 ( – Knight Capital Group, Inc. announced that Astor Long/Short ETF Fund was added to the 401(k) platform at Paychex, Inc. 

Astor specializes in constructing portfolios by investing in exchange-traded funds based on a macroeconomic approach to tactical asset allocation. Astor’s strategies are designed to offer investors exposure to multiple asset classes, with the goal of providing investors with positive returns throughout a complete market cycle. These portfolios of ETFs are offered through the Astor Long/Short ETF Fund (A Share: ASTLX; C Share: ASTZX; R Share: ASTRX; I Share: ASTIX), as well as through financial advisers within separately managed accounts.

“We are very excited about having the Astor Long/Short ETF Fund added to Paychex’s platform and offering an absolute return-style product to the company’s many 401(k) participants,” said Robert N. Stein, Astor’s founder and senior managing director and head of global asset management at Knight. “I believe that individuals investing for retirement are looking for further diversification in their portfolios and want the ability to choose from more than just the traditional ‘buy-and-hold’ funds. We believe Astor’s tactical asset allocation and active management strategies fill this need.”

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