AT&T Wireless Employees Dial Up Back Pay Complaint

December 3, 2003 ( - All work and no overtime pay claims at a Plano, Texas call center have landed AT&T Wireless Services Inc. in legal hot water.

Employees of the Dallas-area call center filed a suit against the company this week, alleging workers at the call center were forced to work overtime without receiving extra pay. The suit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas is seeking class-action status, according to a Dallas Morning News report.

Evelyn Touchette and the five other workers claim managers at the call center made hundreds of employees work through lunch and before and after hours but refused to pay overtime for the labor, Touchette’s attorney Jeremi Young told the Dallas Morning News. When employees tried to claim overtime, managers altered time sheets to show no overtime was earned.

Touchette and the other workers are seeking back pay, attorney fees and other damages Young said.

A similar case sprung up recently against another Dallas area employer GEICO Insurance (See Call Center Workers Get Class Action OK ). Additionally, and T-Mobile have recently settled call-center back pay lawsuits (See Wireless Phone Co. Agrees to $5M Back-Pay Settlement , Charged With $126K in Call Center Back Pay ).