Attack Fears Loom Larger than Layoff Concerns

November 7, 2001( - Nearly a third (32%) of US workers are concerned about being harmed in future terrorist attacks, compared with just 23% worried about being laid off, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder.

Changing Behavior

And while 43% say that the attacks have not affected their lives at work, more than half of all full time workers reported the following changes:

  • some 13% cited an appreciation of the comfort provided by a work routine,
  • a further 12% mentioned an appreciation of co-worker friendships,
  • the same percentage reported feelings of greater vulnerability,
  • a little under 10% mentioned feelings of anxiety,
  • while 6% cited difficulty concentrating at work

Nervous Energy?

Surprisingly, worker productivity has increased since the attacks as workers find refuge in the routine of work and in the fellowship of coworkers.

While only 48% of workers said that they were able to complete the majority of planned tasks each workday as surveyed in August, productivity measures rose to 61% in October.

Job Cut Fears

In addition, the survey found that workers are still concerned about layoffs, in fact,

  • two-thirds of the sample say a threat of layoff exists at their companies,
  • with 14% reporting that their companies have already had a layoff.
  • nevertheless, 40% believe that they could find comparable employment in less than a month

The survey of 1,187 full-time workers was conducted in October 2001