AUL Unveils Enhanced Statements

February 3, 2005 ( - AUL, an Indianapolis-based provider of retirement products and services, has teamed with DST Output to deliver enhanced participant statements.

A news release said AUL is outsourcing most of its statement processing to DST Output. The announcement said the new joint venture will change AUL’s statements into full-color, customized participant educational vehicles.

This is due to DST Output’s ability to combine and deliver AUL’s existing participant newsletter and statement as one document.

DST Output routinely processes more than 1.6 billion print and electronic mail pieces annually and AUL will add about 1.6 million pieces to this total, the news release said.

The venture will take about six months to complete outsourcing the statements to full capacity, the announcement said.

AUL is a provider of retirement products and services.  DST Output provides integrated print and electronic communications for the brokerage, banking, mutual fund, insurance, communications and health care industries.