Authoria Announces Automated Recruiting and Hiring Tool

September 28, 2005 ( - Authoria Inc. has announced the release of Hire Advisor, a tool to automate the recruiting and hiring process.

In its press release, Authoria says the new tool incorporates several modules previously sold individually by, Inc., which the company acquired June 30, into a single bundle.   It has unified these modules in a manager dashboard and integrated the package with the rest of its Authoria Advisor Suite, launched last year (See  MA HR Firm Picks Up Software Provider ).

Features of Hire Advisor, according to the announcement, include:

  • Hiring industry’s sourcing solutions,designed to reach both active and passive top-quality job seekers,
  • Profiling technology that immediately notifies candidates when a potential match is found,
  • A simplified interface that allows infrequent users to work within familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook,
  • Delivery of screened and ranked candidates directly to recruiters and hiring managers,
  • Automated posting to more than 1,000 job boards,
  • Real-time reports, scorecards, alerts, charts, and graphs that proactively assess and improve hiring performance, and
  • The ability to continuously engage candidates through unique,self-service portals and branded communications.

The integration of Hire Advisor with Authoria Advisor Suite allows clients to:

  • Automatically upload recruits’ hiring data and work experience into development and succession plans,
  • Rapidly add new hires into the compensation system,
  • Leverage performance management information to identify qualified employees for open positions,
  • Provide online advice and coaching for managers about hiring and recruiting, and
  • Communicate personalized policies and benefits to new hires.

Authoria Inc. is a provider of Human Capital Management solutions.   Their Web site is .