Authoria Releases Manager Software Tool

March 15, 2004 ( - Authoria Inc has released a new software program bringing together information managers require to be more effective corporate resources.

Authoria Manager Advisor delivers information to corporate managers that is event-driven, and thus, more meaningful.   By receiving company information in this manner, chances for managerial misinterpretation are reduced, so employees receive personalized, timely and consistent communication, according to a news release.  

In this manner, the software tool helps managers navigate the continuous management lifecycle of employee and workplace-related issues and allows organizations to:

  • Save managers time with a single point of access to information;
  • Include personalized, context-sensitive information;
  • Direct managers to relevant training and content;
  • Provide just-in-time coaching;
  • Capture analytics, trends and manager behavior;
  • Track and drive manager compliance.

Authoria’s Manager Advisor extends to managers the advantages of Authoria HR, Authoria’s existing solution.  Authoria’s Manager Advisor integrates with existing CRM, ERP, and financial management tools for a desktop that helps educate and motivate managers, ensure compliance to policy, and track and measure program effectiveness.

More information is available at .