Corporate 401(k) >$150MM–$300MM

Fugro (USA) Holdings, Inc.

Rachelle Moody
Total Rewards Manager
  • Plan(s)
  • Total Plan Assets
  • Number of Participants
  • Participation Rate
  • Average Deferral Rate
  • Default Investment
    T. Rowe Price Target-Date Funds
  • Automatic Enrollment
  • Automatic Escalation
  • Employer Contribution
    100% of the first 4% + 50% of the next 2%
  • Provider(s)
    Recordkeeper(s): Prudential; Adviser: Qualified Plan Advisors
  • Financial Wellness Educator(s)
    Prudential and Qualified Plan Advisors

Erica Auguillard, regional head of human resources (HR) for Fugro Holdings’ U.S. operations, says her company is driven by a clear mission: to create a safe and livable world.

Fugro bills itself as the world’s leading geo-data specialist, collecting and analyzing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. The diverse workforce includes highly technical specialists, business managers and many hands-on staff working in the field. Through its data analytics and advice, Fugro seeks to help its clients build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

Auguillard says there is a direct connection between this mission and the drive for excellence in the company’s compensation and benefits strategies—particularly the retirement plan.

“How could we fulfill that mission through the services we provide to clients if we don’t take care of our employees first?” she says. “One of the things I’m most proud of is the way we listen to everyone. If someone has a challenge or an idea with respect to the 401(k) plan and how we might be able to enhance it, we listen to them, and we have that discussion. Ultimately, we want each member of Fugro to be well personally, and if they are well personally, they will be well professionally.”

Rachelle Moody, total rewards manager at Fugro, says the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic have only deepened this commitment to wellness—throwing into sharp relief the interconnection between physical health, mental health and financial stability. One direct response to the pandemic, she says, was to create a series of educational webinars in collaboration with the plan’s service provider partners, aimed at helping people stay calm and avoid rash investment decisions.

“Last year, because it was such a challenging time for so many businesses and communities, I think it actually allowed our employees to be a little more vulnerable and more willing to share their experiences with us,” Moody reflects. “Their frankness and their trust allowed for us to evolve and tailor a holistic approach and to create the best solutions for them at that moment. Much of what we did was aimed at providing reassurance and ease of mind, for example by committing to maintaining the match and making sure people didn’t rashly take withdrawals or loans.”

Both Auguillard and Moody credit Fugro’s adviser, Qualified Plan Advisors, and long-term recordkeeper, Prudential, for working closely and collaboratively with the firm, both before and during the pandemic.

Scott Yerigan, a vice president and managing director in Prudential’s Southern region, recalls that Fugro was one of the first clients he worked with, and it remains among the best.

“There has always been a strong commitment and engagement by the committee—lots of good debates about the health of the plan and what the next steps for it should be,” Yerigan says. “It’s about much more than number-crunching for this committee. They get right to work analyzing the plan’s health and the employee engagement. This is what creates the deep employee trust that Erica and Rachelle talk about.”

Yerigan says one recent demonstration of Fugro’s commitment is its early adoption of Prudential’s reporting framework Plan Health 360.

“Fugro and Prudential are now working on this new reporting framework, with which we use data analytics to qualify plan health and efficiency in an innovative way,” he says. “On a 100-point scale, 50% of the score is based on the plan design, 25% on financial wellness and then 25% on employee engagement. I’m happy to report that Fugro’s score stands at 84 right now. Any score over 80 is considered a benchmark plan.”

In collaboration with its service providers, Fugro is launching an expanded financial wellness program, this year, meant to provide employees and their household members with resources relevant at every life stage. The curriculum will include information on budgeting, establishing an emergency fund, “sink fund” savings, mortgage planning, saving for college, saving for retirement and maintaining financial fitness once the employee has retired.

To the point of serving near-retirees and retirees, Auguillard says Fugro is all-in, as evidenced by its educational resources and its provision of the Prudential IncomeFlex in-plan guaranteed income solution.

Matthew Eickman, national retirement practice leader for Qualified Plan Advisors, credits Fugro for being among the most progressive and dedicated in his client base, adding that it’s fun to serve such clients. “Erica and Rachelle are two of my favorite people to work with,” he says. “They are just really good at what they do, and it’s fulfilling for us to work with them.”

—John Manganaro

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