AXA Equitable Offers Financial Super Apps

April 7, 2011 ( - AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company announced the launch of financial Super Apps for BlackBerry smartphones.

The company’s new Retirement Income and Life Insurance interactive calculator applications help individuals plan for the future by estimating income from retirement savings and the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage. The two applications for BlackBerry smartphones can also synchronize with BlackBerry address book contacts, enabling users to directly call or e-mail their financial professionals from within the application.  

According to the announcement, the applications also allow BlackBerry smartphone users to: 

  • Automatically receive reminders on important financial goals or meetings with their AXA Advisors financial professionals through integration with the BlackBerry Calendar application, and 
  • Easily share the applications with friends and family through social channels like Facebook. 


The two new applications join an existing set of applications AXA Equitable has launched as part of its digital strategy. Those offerings, launched in 2009 for the iPhone, provide mobile users with access to interactive calculators addressing college savings, retirement shortfall, life expectancy, life insurance and more.  

For more information on AXA Equitable’s new applications, including how to download the offerings, visit