AZ Firm Offers Identity Data 'Locks'

May 3, 2006 ( - A Chandler, Arizona company is offering an identity theft protection product that uses a series of "locks" on a consumer's identity data.

A news release from LifeLock said that it utilizes a proprietary system to secure a consumer’s identity, preventing others from gaining unauthorized access. The service, according to LifeLock, includes:

  • locking down information
  • setting and maintaining credit bureau alerts
  • forcing banks to contact people directly before issuing credit
  • removing a client from pre-approved credit card offer lists. “ This is important because it’s one of the biggest holes that ID thieves use to steal identities,” the company asserted.

“These alerts ensure that if anyone tries to do anything with your credit report, such as get new credit, change your address, expand credit lines, open a checking account, get insurance, utilities, or anything else, they will have to call you directly for your approval before anything happens,” the company said in a statement posted on its Web site.

According to the news release, LifeLock offers a $1 million guarantee of its service.

The firm’s Web site is .