BBH Funds Reveals Class A IIS Fund Shares and Info Site

March 20, 2003 ( - Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) has announced the launch of Class A shares for the BBH Inflation-Indexed Securities Fund and a new Web site to provide information on Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (TIPS).

The launch of the Class A shares is intended to expand the availability of the BBH Inflation-Indexed Securities Fund into additional distribution channels, including wrap accounts, broker-dealer networks, and defined contribution plans, according to a news release.

BBH Inflation-Indexed Securities Fund principally invests inflation protection securities. Unlike traditional notes and bonds, which pay a stated rate of interest in dollars and are redeemed at their par amounts, these inflation-indexed assets have regular adjustments to their interest payments and redemption value to compensate for the loss of purchasing power from inflation.

To answer questions investors may have about inflation-indexed assets, BBH set up , offering further education on this asset class. Additional information about BBH Funds can be accessed through .