Benefit Express Adds Dependent Audits to Enrollment Process

January 4, 2011 ( - Benefit Express is providing the built-in ability to avoid payments of health care claims for ineligible dependents with the My Benefit Express annual enrollment solution.

According to a press release, as part of the dependent audit process, Benefit Express:  

  • Educates HR representatives and employees on the definition and application of an “eligible dependent”; 
  • Provides a method to validate and update the carriers with eligible dependents; 
  • Removes ineligible dependents from coverage; 
  • Leverages benchmarking industry practices; and 
  • Decreases overall health care costs. 


Through this enhancement, employees can validate the eligibility status of all dependents annually during enrollment.  As a result of the enhancement, clients have seen a reduction in premiums of over 8% from erroneous dependents, the company said. 


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