Benefit Informatics Offers Online Data Management to Reinsurers

August 28, 2007 ( - Benefit Informatics now offers reinsurance providers covering self-insured employers a way to access current key risk management information, rather than waiting to be notified of claims.

According to a press release, REporter is an online service that contains online eligibility status, early notification of catastrophic medical conditions and enhanced communication with benefit administrators. The program is supposed to facilitate efficient planning, management and analysis of employee benefit plans.

The program offers integrated eligibility verification and reporting for early notification of large shock claims, allowing payers and reinsurers to better coordinate efforts.

“Early feedback from both reinsurance and benefit administrator customers indicates significant value for all parties involved in self-insured claims administration,” said Benefit Informatics President and CEO Philip Kurtz, in the press release. “REporter is technology designed to facilitate partnership among all stakeholders working to manage insurance risk and optimize patient outcomes which is key to a long term goal of transparency in health care.

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