Benefits Comp Differs by Region

April 25, 2002 ('s benefits compensation can be scant or generous depending on where employers are located a study by the Worker's Compensation Policy Review.

According to the study, Western employers tend to pay the most generous workers’ compensation benefits, while those in the Northeast pay the least. The study analyzed 2001 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and compared benefits paid by employers in each region as a percentage of workers’ gross earnings.

The study noted that while Southern employers pay lower rates than the Northeast-an average 31 cents per hour worked, compared with 32 cents in the Northeast-they still cover a bigger share of earnings because Southern workers have the lowest average gross earnings at $15.36 an hour. On the other hand, Northeast workers have the highest at $19.73.

Among the findings:

  • Western employers paid 2.15% of gross earnings,
  • followed by the Midwest at 2.03%,
  • the South at 2.02%,
  • the Northeast 1.62%,
  • while the national average was 1.92%


  • Western employers pay gross earnings averaging $18.12 ,
  • the Midwest’s gross earnings average $16.77,
  • while the national average is $17.36