BenefitStreet Introduces Participant Enrollment Product

August 15, 2005 ( - BenefitStreet has announced a new custom-designed enrollment solution is now available for its 7,500 corporate clients.

In a press release, the company says it has partnered with ICC Plan Solutions to design a branded enrollment kit that will work with its other communication initiatives.   The company has also established an enrollment hotline staffed with ICC personnel to assist clients.

In addition, according to the release, BenefitStreet Partners will have free access to ICC’s 401(k) ePASS (Enrollment Plan Automated System Solutions).   BenefitStreet Partners can receive their free access by calling 1-866-615-5395.

BenefitStreet is a third party recordkeeper providing qualified plan administration for over 4,500 defined contribution and benefit plans.

ICC Plan Solutions offers customizable enrollment kits, participant statements, participant newsletters, participant payroll stuffers and retirement plan break room posters.