Biotech CEOs See Only 2% Increase in Total Comp

July 19, 2006 ( - CEO total direct compensation - which includes base salary, annual cash incentives and the present value of annual stock option grants - grew only 2% over the prior year, according to the Presidio Advisors Biotech Industry Executive Compensation Survey.

In a press release on the survey results, Presidio said CEOs of Biotech companies saw an 11% increase in total cash compensation. However, a median 8.5% decrease in stock prices led to lower stock option grant values.

Other findings of the survey, according to the release, include:

  • Use of restricted stock nearly tripled from one year ago, with 35% of companies in the survey granting restricted stock to at least one executive.
  • Restricted stock grants to Chief Executive Officers doubled to 27% of CEOs receiving the increasingly popular long-term incentive.
  • For the top six highest paid executive positions, two-thirds of the total compensation package was “at-risk” pay linked to company and executive performance through annual bonuses and long-term incentives.

Presidio analyzed executive compensation and ownership levels in 67 companies in the Biotech industry for the survey.