Bivium Capital Opens Its Investment Boutique Doors

July 30, 2003 ( - Public and private plan sponsors have a new investment management and advisory boutique vying for their investment business.

Bivium Capital Partners, LLC is the new firm, specializing in identifying and monitoring emerging money managers for client investments.   The firm was formed in 2002 and is headquartered in San Francisco, according to a news release.

The firm’s philosophy is that emerging mangers offer the greatest potential for above-benchmark returns, particularly in certain asset classes where the markets tend to be less efficient such as small-cap equities, international equities, hedge funds and private equity.    Once these managers are identified and researched, Bivium’s mission is to hire and foster the growth of the money managers to provide their clients with access to their investment prowess.   The firm creates managed accounts and fund of funds products for sophisticated investors.  

To identify potential emerging managers, the firm employs a quantitative research process, followed by a three-step qualitative evaluation. In addition, managers undergo a comprehensive analysis each month that reviews performance, portfolio characteristics and holdings and material changes at the firm.     

Additionally, Bivium has formed a strategic partnership with S3 Asset Management, the hedge fund aggregation platform that provides mid-sized managers with access to a full range of services such as prime brokerage, administration and accounting, delivered with optimal financial efficiencies.   Derivatives Portfolio Management (DPM), the alternative investment administration specialist, will provide Bivium with daily trade reconciliation reports and NAVs for all its managers, managed accounts and fund of funds.

The firm’s Web site is .