BlackRock Enters Lifecycle Game

June 14, 2007 ( - BlackRock, Inc. has come out with a lifecycle fund product for DC plans that includes a series of nine individual portfolios with target maturity dates ranging from 2010 through 2050.

According to a press release about the Lifecycle Prepared Portfolio, once an investor’s retirement date has been determined and the appropriate portfolio selected, the fund will set future portfolio asset allocations, with risk moderating as the investor approaches retirement.      

The decision-making process for BlackRock Lifecycle Prepared Portfolios hinge on two strategies:

  • Individual equity and fixed income strategy and underlying fund selection, and
  • Intermediate-term, tactical asset allocation decisions based on the firm’s outlook and valuations of the equity and fixed income markets.

“Given the need as well to enhance the potential retirement value of the DC offering, we expect that many plan sponsors will almost certainly forego stable value and money market funds as the default investments for plan participants in favor of managed accounts, balanced funds, target risk and target date funds, considering the potential for higher long-term returns these funds offer,” said Douglas DuMond, managing director and head of the U.S. Defined Contribution business at BlackRock, in the press release.

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