Boeing Discrimination Settlement Award put at $72.5M

November 14, 2005 ( - Individual plaintiffs in the long-standing gender discrimination class-action lawsuit against airplane maker Boeing Company should get awards ranging from $500 to $26,000.

According to recent news reports, the award arising from a settlement reached with Boeing more than a year ago was the maximum allowed within the $40.6 million to $72.5 million called for in the settlement pact. The pact covers 17,960 women involved in the case in US District Court in Seattle.

The lawsuit, filed in 2000, alleged a pattern of discrimination at Boeing’s Seattle-area plants, as evidenced in part by company documents which showed that women typically earned $1,000 to $2,000 less than men for similar jobs. In hammering out the pact, Boeing admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to change its hiring, pay, promotion, and complaint investigation procedures.

Meanwhile, a race discrimination suit filed on behalf of 15,000 African-American Boeing employees is scheduled to go to trial in federal court next month.