BONY Offers Online Compliance Guidelines

February 28, 2001 ( - Bank of New York clients will now be able to create portfolio manager activity guidelines via the Internet with a new release of its INFORMCompliance risk management tool.

Those guidelines can include:

  • permissible asset or company types
  • percentage limitations on asset classes or industries
  • country or currency restrictions
  • issuer restrictions
  • required equity or fixed income characteristics such as quality, maturity, duration, market capitalization, beta etc.
  • no tolerance for the presence of prohibited investments

INFORMCompliance is an Internet-based automated monitoring application that allows users to monitor portfolios  – or groups of portfolios –  for common elements of investment risk.  First introduced in 1997, the tool was enhanced in 1999 to offer Internet compliance reporting, including Internet-based report generation and automated email reporting of violations.