British Too Busy to Take a Break

January 7, 2002 ( - Some 20% of Britain's workers lose out on over a third of their paid vacation days, according to a survey.

The survey revealed that 49 million vacation days went unclaimed in 2001, mainly because workers were just two busy to take them.

Surprisingly, since 60% of the 1,169 adults questioned by BUZZ, a budget airline, would choose an extra week’s holiday over an extra week’s pay.

The 5.6 million UK workers who do not use up their vacation time miss out on 8.7 days of the average entitlement of 24 vacation days a year, according to BUZZ.

And 25% of those still owed vacation days at the close of 2001 were not reimbursed for their time. The remaining 75% were either paid for their extra time, or were allowed to add the days onto this year’s vacation allowance.