Buck Offers MedEncentive Employee Health Education Rewards Program

The program has been found to reduce employee hospitalizations and emergency room visits, resulting in reduced health care costs for employers.

Buck, an integrated human resources (HR) and benefits consulting, technology, and administration services firm, and MedEncentive, a digital health-improvement and cost-containment service, announced a partnership to offer MedEncentive’s patented Mutual Accountability and Information Therapy (MAIT) Program to Buck’s clients.

MAIT is a doctor-patient aligned incentive program that nudges better health behaviors by inspiring employees to make informed medical decisions, resulting in reduced health care costs and a return on investment for the plan sponsor. Following each eligible office visit, doctors assign employees an information therapy session containing credible educational content tailored to their individual medical condition and treatment options. Through the program’s incentive mechanism, both doctors and employees are financially rewarded to encourage one another to engage in better health care and health behaviors.

“We’re excited to launch this unique reward-induced digital information therapy program, which provides people with the right information, at the right time, in the right way, so they are more knowledgeable and motivated to make better decisions about their health and treatment options,” says Brian Stitzel, U.S. Health Practice leader at Buck.

In a five-year study, recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Internet Research and certified by the Validation Institute, researchers found that the MAIT Program was associated with significant reductions in hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and per capita expenditures, producing a large return on investment for health benefit plan sponsors.

“Information therapy is an effective and underutilized strategy for improving health outcomes for members and delivering significant ROI for plan sponsors,” says MedEncentive CEO Jeff Greene.