CA Company Offers Incentive for Following Online Wellness Program

August 28, 2006 ( - California-based flexSCAN, Inc., has come out with a health and wellness incentive program that promises rewards to employers and employees who use the service for following its online health program.

According to a news release, health360 offers participants free health and wellness services, a personal health records system, fitness and nutrition guides and a way to track program progress. In return for following the program, employees and employers get economic rewards.

The service is paid for by advertisers and other third parties. So, in order to reap rewards for following the program, participants engage in advertiser-sponsored activities. From the information gained from these activities, health360 uses the statistical and demographic medical data to generate revenue from other health care industry researchers, sponsors and advertisers.

align=”left”> The company uses the information that health360 participants submit to its personal health record system, which in turn generates aggregate data on demographics, health status, lifestyles, medical and drug use, income, etc.

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