CA Employees Enjoy More Work/Life Benefits

August 8, 2006 ( - Thirty-seven percent of California employers see workforce diversity and the range of benefits needs associated with it as a top HR priority, compared with 29% of employers nationwide, according to results from the MetLife Employee Benefits Trends Study.

In a press release, MetLife said 58% of California employers provide work/life benefits to employees, compared to 52% of employers nationwide. “While many companies nationwide still continue to offer a one-size-fits-all benefits package, California employers are taking extra steps to maximize benefits satisfaction and return-on-investment,” Randy Stram, vice president of MetLife institutional business, said in the release.

The study found that California employers are also more likely to offer more ancillary voluntary benefits, including stocks and bonds, pet insurance, auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance, compared to the rest of the nation, the release said.

California employees report greater satisfaction with the benefits provided through their employers (43%) than their peers across the US (39%). In addition, Californians are more likely to say the benefits offered by their employers are an important reason why they chose their current employer (36%), compared to employees in the rest of the country (31%).

Other findings of the study include:

  • California employers provide their employees with Internet/Intranet access at a higher rate (83%) than employers across the nation (74%).
  • California companies also use benefits Web sites at a slightly higher frequency (52%, compared with 50% nationwide).
  • Of employers who do not offer online benefits enrollment, 62% of those in California plan to add this option over the next 18 months, compared to 37% of employers nationwide.

The MetLife Employee Benefits Trends Study can be downloaded here . A free registration is required.