Calvert Group Launches Social Index

May 1, 2000 ( - Plan sponsors now have a benchmark for social investing fund performance, the Calvert Group's Calvert Social Index, a broad-based benchmark of large, U.S.-based "socially responsible" companies.

Mutual fund investors can conduct their own social screening, via Calvert Group’s Know What You Own feature for North American mutual fund holdings of North American Equity Funds, International Equity Funds and North American Corporate Bond Funds on Calvert’s Website.

The index currently consists of 468 companies chosen from a base of 1,000 of the largest American companies that meet Calvert’s standards in the environment, workplace issues, product safety, community relations, military weapons contracting, international operations and human rights, and respect for the rights of indigenous peoples. The index will be reconstituted each September, but quarterly changes may be made to reflect company changes based on social criteria.

Calvert avoids companies involved with tobacco, firearms, alcohol, gambling, or nuclear power.

Top 10

As of April 28, 2000, the top 10 largest companies in the Calvert Social Index are:

  • CISCO Systems
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • American International Group
  • IBM
  • Pfizer
  • Merck
  • Lucent Technology
  • SBC Communications

As of April 28, the average weighted market value of companies in the Index is $124 billion and the median market cap is $67 billion. Overall, the Index includes companies with market capitalization ranging from $474 billion to $363 million.

In addition, Calvert will publish its proxy analysis and voting intentions for Index companies, and will review each Index company’s individual proxy and publish its position on issues relating to its social criteria, along with the rationale at beginning in the 2001 proxy season.