Canadian Pension Plan Assets Increase in 2013

May 17, 2013 ( – The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) ended its fiscal year March 31 with net assets of $183.3 billion, compared to $161.6 billion for 2012.

The $21.7 billion increase in assets for the year consisted of $16.2 billion in net investment income after operating costs and $5.5 billion in net CPP contributions. The portfolio delivered a gross investment return of 10.1% for fiscal 2013.

“All of the CPP Investment Board’s diverse investment programs played a part in delivering the fund’s substantial increase in assets in fiscal 2013,” said Mark Wiseman, president and CEO of the CPP Investment Board. “We are leveraging this growth to build the foundation for a leading global investment organization, positioning the CPP Investment Board to create enduring value for all contributors and beneficiaries in the decades ahead.”

The CCP’s portfolio investment returns for fiscal 2013 included Canadian public and private equities (4.2% and 3.4%, respectively), public and private foreign developed market equities (13.2% and 16.8%, respectively), public and private emerging market equities (2.4% and 7.4%, respectively), bonds and money market securities (4.1%), nonmarketable bonds (8.2%), inflation-linked bonds (3%), other debt (15.1%), real estate (9.2%) and infrastructure (8.8%). The overall returns for the portfolio were 10.1%.

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