CBIZ Rolls Out ACA CheckPoint

An integrated management tool, CBIZ ACA CheckPoint, is designed to provide continually updated Affordable Care Act (ACA) monitoring, reporting and documentation.

A partnership with SyncStream Solutions will give CBIZ clients access to a CBIZ-branded, web-based technology tool that provides ACA reporting and compliance knowledge, ACA collateral and education materials.

Intended to minimize companies’ compliance risk, CBIZ ACA CheckPoint allows CBIZ clients to analyze, manage, track and report employee data in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) employer shared responsibility requirements. The tool allows CBIZ employee benefits and payroll clients to count full-time and full-time equivalent employees to determine applicable large employer status, while managing and tracking measurement periods at multiple levels, employee status and offers of coverage.

Employers can track employee hours to aid in complying with reporting requirements and determine if their health care plan is affordable, as defined by the ACA. With new regulations coming into effect in 2015, such as employer shared responsibility, employers will be faced with several reporting and compliance issues that CBIZ ACA CheckPoint can help address.

“To avoid tax liabilities, penalties or other compliance-related distress, employers need to be attentive to the ACA reporting requirements in 2015 and beyond,” says Jim King, vice president and chief operating officer of CBIZ employee benefits. “The partnership with SyncStream will provide CBIZ clients increased depth in both ACA knowledge and technology tools to help them address concerns and challenges related to ACA compliance and reporting while providing the ability to access, monitor and manage their workforce data in real time.” 

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