CFP, FPA and Others Team to Deliver Free Advice

A group of financial adviser certification and advocacy groups are teaming up with local governments across the U.S. to provide no-cost financial planning throughout October. 

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board), Financial Planning Association (FPA), Foundation for Financial Planning and the U.S. Conference of Mayors announced a joint program known as Financial Planning Days, aimed at delivering free financial advice and boosting community engagement.

Throughout October, the groups will host 22 one-day events in cities across the U.S. On those days, hundreds of CFP professionals will partner with local city governments and gather in designated schools, municipal buildings, and libraries to offer free financial counsel to area residents.

“The mission of the initiative is to bring free, ethical financial planning advice to the public through one-on-one advising sessions and group workshops,” the groups explain. “Highly qualified CFP professionals will volunteer their time and offer no-strings-attached advice. These professionals will not distribute business cards, take names, or sell financial products or services.” 

In one-on-one consultations, financial planners are seated at tables and meet privately with individuals and couples to answer questions on budgeting, managing credit, getting out of debt, income taxes, home ownership, planning and paying for college, estate planning, insurance and many other topics. Free classroom-style workshop presentations covering key areas of personal finance are also available.

Free registration is available at or by calling toll-free at 1-877-861-7826. Walk-ins are also welcome. Events are planned in the following metro areas:

Akron, Ohio: October 1

Arlington, Virginia: October 22

Atlanta, Georgia: October 8

Baltimore, Maryland: October 29

Chicago, Illinois: October 8

Cincinnati, Ohio: October 8

Lakewood, Colorado: October 22

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: October 22

San Francisco, California: October 22

West Sacramento, California: October 22

Columbus, Ohio: October 5

Los Angeles, California: October 29

Oakland, California: October 15

San Rafael, California: October 29

Huntington Beach, California: October 15

Lubbock, Texas: October 8

Rosemead, California: October 23

St. Paul, Minnesota: October 29