CIGNA HeathCare Opens Lab to Help Advise Plan Participants

July 14, 2006 ( - CIGNA HealthCare, a Connecticut-based health care plan provider, opened a 100-staff facility where plan participants can go for plan advice and financial and health care-related financial information.

According to a release, CIGNA HealthCare designed the “Innovation Lab” to put all of CIGNA’s services offered to medical, dental, pharmacy and behavioral health plan participants under one roof.

The lab’s consumer service capabilities will feature a single contact to respond to inquiries regarding any of the participating members’ CIGNA plans, including:

  • providing health care cost estimates and treatment quality information,
  • offering guidance during pre-plan enrollment to help consumers choose a plan configuration for their circumstance, and
  • connecting consumers with available health advocacy programs, such as wellness or disease management programs, as appropriate.

“We believe that a positive service experience can help our employees to become more engaged in their health care and make better health-related decisions,” said Tom Butler, Big Y Foods’ Compensation and Benefit Services Manager, whose company is among the first customers of the lab. “This is a unique opportunity for us to partner with CIGNA to test service concepts and solutions that will help our employees and their dependents receive the most from their health care benefits and services.”