CIGNA Lines Up Nurses To Interact With Participants

June 10, 2004 ( - CIGNA HealthCare has a new solution to offering employees the most bang for their benefit dollars - access to a nurse who will serve as an employee's personal health coach and benefits expert.

CIGNA HealthCare has unleashed its Health Advisor program that allows health-care participants to tailor and integrate their health and benefits information in conjunction with a health-care expert.   Thus, participants will be able to make better use of their company’s overall health benefits, according to a news release.

CIGNA said the Health Advisor program was first piloted with two national clients. Based on these experiences, CIGNA built a program that features a higher ratio of nurses to employees than traditional case management programs. Thus, Health Advisor nurses are able to interact with employees and their families at a significantly higher rate.

Health Advisor is being offered to large employers now for plans taking effect January 1, 2005 as part of the company’s CIGNATURE – Your plan that was rolled out in February (See  CIGNA Rolls Out Flexible Health Plan Option ).   Employers that select the Health Advisor option will have a designated group of nurses to serve their plan participants. In turn, a specific nurse will be designated to every participant. Available via direct phone or e-mail, the nurses provide a single point of contact and continuity.