CIGNA Takes Disability Claims 24/7

April 15, 2002 ( - A new Web-based system for disability claims will allow ill or injured workers to file insurance claims around the clock.

In its product announcement, CIGNA Group Insurance said employees can file a claim in as little as three minutes – compared with five to seven minutes before.

Not only can an employee begin the claims process, CIGNA said, but its system also gathers enough data to develop a return-to-work plan for the disabled worker.

Employees can file claims through CIGNA’s Web site, without a special login or password, the company said.

The site guides the employee through a questionnaire to collect information about the injury, illness, or pregnancy, the worker’s medical provider, and employment data.

The system transmits the data to a CIGNA case manager who contacts the ill or injured worker with a business day, the company said.

Employees can still file claims via phone or fax, the company said.