CIGNA Unveils Health Plan Tools and Education

October 19, 2004 ( - CIGNA is announcing the launch of two new products that can help participants with their healthcare choice decisions.

The tools will allow participants to compare CIGNA HealthCare (CH) plans, and also offer personalized coaching programs that will educate individuals on health and wellness issues through CIGNA Behavioral Health (CBH).

CIGNA HealthCare

The Web-based system, , is designed to offer consumers information on what plan suits them and their families best, according to a press release. The product is available to individuals whose employers offer CIGNA’s consumer-driven health care products, including both health savings accounts (HSA) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRA). These are offered through the CIGNA ChoiceFund.

The system works by offering participants access to the system during enrollment periods. With access, the participant can compare benefits between plans and estimate total costs. Participants can access descriptions of each available plan, plan cost estimates, HSA and flexible spending account (FSA) contribution-rate calculators, and hospital and medication comparisons, as well as enrollment materials.

The site is available for plans offering CIGNA ChoiceFund HSA or HRA plans.

CIGNA Behavioral Health

CBH is offering three personalized coaching programs that attempt to utilize behavioral modification techniques and customized treatment in order to improve individual health and wellness, according to a separate release.

These Lifestyle Management Programs from CBH are meant to fit into a company’s Employee Assistance Programs and are sold to employers, and are meant to be free to employees.  The program, offered in conjunction with Leade Health, offers a personal coach, customized programming, support and education and discounts for supportive programs such as Weight Watchers, according to the company.

The programs fall under three categories:

  • stress management,
  • weight management, and
  • tobacco cessation.

After completing an initial assessment, a customized program is developed for an employee. A personal coach, available over the internet or phone, is available to assist employees, according to CIGNA.

The Lifestyle Management System is available for purchase independently or in conjunction with other CBH products, according to the release.  CIGNA Behavioral Health ( ) provides behavioral care benefit management.