CitiStreet Releases DC Plan Communications Customization Tool

November 4, 2003 ( - CitiStreet has released a print-on-demand solution allowing plan sponsors flexibility in customizing and targeting defined contribution plan communications.

The communication product combines content management with digital printing capabilities to produce communications that are customized with plan information and relevant photography, colors and headlines.   With this, plan communication can be targeted to a group of participants, with photos and message tailored to a common factor of the group, such as participation level, division or demographic profile, according to a news release.

“This technology gives us the ability to provide materials tailored to multiple levels – customized for the employer, targeted to the life cycle or plan participation level of the employee, and personalized with individual data,” said Sandy McCarthy, president, Defined Contribution Services. “This powerful combination makes communications more meaningful and, ultimately, more effective.”

Additionally, with print-on-demand capabilities, CitiStreet says the communication product eliminates the need to pre-print inventory, and making changes to materials is quick and easy at both the global level, such as when there is a change in pension law, and at the employer level, when there is a change to a plan.

CitiStreet worked with the W.A. Wilde Company to implement the online system. W.A. Wilde will also be digitally printing the materials.   More information about the product is available by calling (877) 488-8886.