ClearAssetManagement to offer Transparent Fee Structured-Fund

October 13, 2004 ( - In response to transparency issues surrounding the mutual fund industry, ClearAssetManagement LLC is offering a new mutual fund product with the intent of increasing transparency, retain methodological disciple, and have accountable cost management.

ClearAssetManagement will use proprietary software to pick portfolios in six areas – small, medium, and large capitalization stock in both value and growth styles. By using objective software, Clear hopes to focus on style purity and stock selection. The software will assess a universe of over 10,000 US-based public companies, according to a press release.

Customers will be able to access the entire holdings list of the Clear funds through its Web site. They will also receive an e-mail alert regarding details not only transaction particulars but also for the sale or purchase of stocks. Weekly newsletters will also be distributed regarding all activity in each portfolio customers invest in.

Clear charges a flat fee of 0.8%-2%, depending on amount of assets invested. There is a $25,000 minimum investment per portfolio. This includes trading commissions, which are broken out separately. Investors who want to follow Clear strategies can subscribe for $300 per portfolio following a two-week trial.

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