Commerzbank Launches Fund-of-Funds Product

August 9, 2004 ( - Commerzbank AG, through its asset management arm COMINVEST, is bringing a fund of hedge funds program offering to market.

The fund will be developed by a partnership between COMINVEST, New York based PlusFunds Group, Inc., as the provider of a separate managed account platform, and Zurich based active fund of fund manager Harcourt, as the advisor for manager selection and allocation.   Commerzbank said the product will be available in the second half of this year.

Using some of the 69 managers available on the PlusFunds platform, COMINVEST plans a diversified approach that invests in all main hedge fund strategies.  This concept serves the demands for product transparency and risk management of institutional clients and will enables new fund-of-hedge funds to meet European transparency regulations, according to a news release.