Computershare Helps with Stock Plan Retirement Eligibility Provisions

January 15, 2014 ( – Equity plan services provider Computershare’s U.S. Plan Managers business enhanced its online restricted stock platform.

The platform now includes retirement eligibility taxation functionality for companies who offer employee stock option plans with retirement eligibility provisions. Clients can opt to have Computershare automatically calculate the taxes on restricted stock or restricted stock units (including performance awards) at the point of retirement eligibility, prior to year’s end, or periodically as chosen by the plan sponsor. Computershare will then report the taxation details to clients so they can collect taxes in a timely manner.

In addition to retirement eligibility taxation, Computershare now offers:

  • Multi-currency awards for restricted stock. Computershare administers restricted and performance stock awards and units in more than 70 currencies. Recordkeeping and presentation of the awards will be in the currency of the award. When sold, the net proceeds can also be paid out in the same currency or converted to other currencies.
  • Expanded multi-lingual options. Computershare has added five new language options for all plan participants to view web pages – Spanish (Latin American), French (Canadian), Japanese, Korean or Chinese (Traditional).
  • Trigger orders for stock appreciation rights (SARs). Much like a limit order for market-traded instruments, participants can submit an order in advance to exercise their rights when the SAR fair market value meets or exceeds the price selected by the participant. Trigger orders can be requested online or by contacting Computershare’s call center.
  • Additional choices for net settled exercises. Participants can now withhold shares to cover option costs and taxes and receive the remaining shares. This is in addition to the existing capability to sell the remaining shares.


Computershare’s U.S. Plan Managers offers full-service administration for all types of employee plans. For more information about the full range of services offered, visit or call 888-404-6333.