Consultant Offers Retirement Plan Compliance Warranty

October 19, 2011 ( - United Retirement Plan Consultants is introducing a Compliance Warranty to its 10,000 current plan sponsor clients as well as all new prospects.

The Compliance Warranty covers essential service deliveries such as plan documents, Form 5500 preparation, non-discrimination testing, eligibility determination, and contribution limit monitoring. It provides plan sponsors assurance of United Retirement’s efforts in the event their work is challenged by regulatory agencies, third parties, participants, or others.   

“Few plan sponsors fully understand the delineation of roles and responsibilities of their service providers,” said John Davis, President and CEO of United Retirement Plan Consultants, in a press release.  “We developed our service agreement, fee schedule and Compliance Warranty with the intention of clarifying our role, responsibilities and fees for the administration of our clients’ retirement plans and assuring our clients that we fully stand behind our work.”