Cornerstone Announces Hispanic Enrollment Service

January 3, 2006 ( - In response to the growing number of Hispanics in the workforce, Cornerstone Enrollment Services has announced its Hispanic Enrollment Service.

In its announcement, the company said it provides all materials and services necessary for benefits enrollment of Hispanic workers, including:

  • Customized pre-enrollment communication materials in Spanish, including paycheck inserts, product brochures & information, flyers & posters,personalized benefit statements, group presentation materials, and one-on-one marketing materials;
  • Bilingual presentations for group meetings;
  • Bilingual career benefit counselors;
  • Insurance policies in Spanish (certain carriers only).

Cornerstone’s Hispanic Enrollment Service can also help brokers and employers design and implement an enrollment that will include, educate and enroll Hispanic employees. The service integrates seamlessly with English-language enrollment.

To learn more call Nelson Griswold at 866-370-3401.