Corporate Synergies Offers Employee Health Exchange

February 7, 2013 ( – Employee benefits broker and consulting firm Corporate Synergies Group introduced a private health benefits exchange.

The private exchange will not only help employers define the contribution level for their overall benefits program, but also provide employees access to a wide array of benefits that can be tailored to their specific needs. The solution combines an intuitive technology interface with Corporate Synergies’ Advocacy, Compliance and Communications support.  

The new private exchange is part of the larger Synergies360 suite, Corporate Synergies approach to managing employee benefits.   

“This solution is built upon our deeper understanding of both employer and employee requirements. In short: Employers get more predictable costs, employees get more choice,” said John Turner, CEO of Corporate Synergies Group.  

Corporate Synergies’ private exchange utilizes SmartBen’s cloud-based benefits exchange platform, enabling Corporate Synergies to support various benefit models including traditional and voluntary plans.     

More information about Corporate Synergies is at