Curses Will Cost You at Pennsylvania Workplace

November 25, 2002 ( - A Pennsylvania employer has introduced a new policy designed to cut down on profanity in the workplace - and pay for the office Christmas lunch at the same time.

Drew Lewis implemented the new policy at the Northampton County’s Department of Community and Economic Development when he took over the department in October.   Under the new policy, workers must pay for using bad language.   Curses are ranked by severity, with the mildest costing a quarter – while “nastier” words cost the utterer a dollar.

Lewis said he wants to present the office in a way that reflects his Christian values, according to the Associated Press.

Administration Director James Hickey says he has been one of the most reliable contributors, according to the report. He says he usually puts in money in advance – and “If I know a bad day is coming up, I’ll put in 20 dollars.”