Deadlines Unchanged During IRS Furloughs

May 17, 2013 ( – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released details about closures planned for May 24, June 14, July 5, July 22 and August 30, 2013.

Due to budget-related furloughs, all IRS operations will be closed on those days. This means that all IRS offices, including all toll-free hotlines, the Taxpayer Advocate Service and the agency’s nearly 400 taxpayer assistance centers nationwide, will be closed on those days. No tax returns will be processed and no compliance-related activities will take place. However, the IRS said taxpayers should continue to file their returns and pay any taxes due as usual.

Where the last day for responding to an IRS request falls on a furlough day, the taxpayer will have till the next business day. If the last day to respond is Friday, May 24, for example, the taxpayer will have till Tuesday, May 28, to comply (Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day).

More details on the closures are available on