DeepFeed Unveiled for ECN Clients

August 14, 2002 ( - Plan sponsors who do some of their own trading or who hire a professional to execute trades, may find DeepFeed a worthwhile acquisition.

According to a news release from FlexTrade Systems, its new product consolidates all bids and offers on the books of every major electronic communications network (ENC) with market maker quotes.

When they’re setting up DeepFeed, the company said plan sponsors or other traders can customize a set of trading parameters and the prices they want to see when they get on the system.

According to FlexTrade, DeepFeed provides:

  • optimum routing across all ECNs
  • sweeping of ECN books and identification of hidden orders by individual names and across portfolios.

Traders can also utilize DeepFeed to estimate slippage in real time based on value or size of order wave, and analyze trends and market direction for individual securities, by sector, portfolios, industry and other groupings, FlexTrade said.

The company said DeepFeed could prove appealing to quantitative traders who calculate market impact and other potential outcomes of pre-trade decisions.

For more information, go to the company’s Web site at