Delaware and Legg Mason Combine for DC Plan Option

October 24, 2001( - Plan sponsors at companies with more than 100 employees, or $1 million in assets now have a new option, the Legg Mason/Delaware SelectSolutions Advantage plan.

The new plan is the result of a partnership between Delaware Investments and brokerage firm Legg Mason Wood Walker, and offers investment options from both firms as well as from the AIM, Janus, Liberty, MFS, Pioneer, PIMCO and State Street Research fund families.

Legg Mason/Delaware SelectSolutions Advantage includes a total of 51 funds, of which 15 options may be selected for an individual plan.

Delaware Investments’ Retirement Financial Services will supply its proprietary recordkeeping system to provide much of the administration and specific service items that can be customized for Legg Mason/Delaware plans. Services available under the Legg Mason/Delaware product include:

  • Internet access for enrollment and account access
  • customized employee education materials
  • automated telephone access or a professionally staffed participant service center

To bring this plan to market, Legg Mason will use its distribution channel, which runs through 24 states and the District of Columbia.